Visiting Chernobyl

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pripyat III: The kindergarten

We also visited a kindergarten. Most childeren aged 3 - 6 would spend their day here, since it was customary for both parents to go out working in the Soviet Union.

^^ The entrance. You may have noticed that I love peeling paint.

^^ Little trees are reclaiming the playground.

^^ A piece of graffiti in the gym.

^^ A toy car with a child's gasmask on top. Without a doubt the weirdest image I have seen during our trip. Childeren sized gasmasks creep me out.

^^ The kitchen.

^^ Obligatory shoe-shots.

^^ I loved that drawing. After a while, it gets harder to imagine that at one time, Pripyat was a happy place (Filled with turnip-cooking sparrows?).


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