Visiting Chernobyl

Monday, May 15, 2006

Part 1

This is taking forever, because I had to scan a lot of negatives (my digital camera broke during the trip).

I kept my eyes peeled on the way to the Dytyaki checkpoint (where we would enter the zone) for arrows pointing to Chernobyl. There were several, this is the first one:

^^ "Chornobyl", to the left.

^^ 2 Kilometers before the zone, an old sign welcomes us to the "Chornobylskii Raion" (District of Chernobyl). "If you move behind this sign, you're back in the Soviet Union" according to our guide.

^^Sound engineer Kenneth in front and photographer Serge in the back.

^^ The sign reads "Chornobyl".

^^ The main roads in the zone weren't in any worse condition than those outside.

After a short talk in the Chernobylinterinform visitor's center we went directly to see the Sarcophagus.

^^ I posted this one before, I like that shot a lot :-)

^^ Reactor 5 was never finished.

^^ Serge, Tim, David and Kenneth in front of reactor 5.

^^ This would have been reactor 5's cooling tower. Reactors 1 to 4 were cooled directly with water from the Pripyat river.

^^ Soviet pylons look friendly, don't you think?

^^ Our guide Maksum in front of one of them.

^^ Reactor 4 in close up

^^ David filming the sarcophagus. The light was pretty bad (not a lot of contrast).

Coming up: The abandoned town Pripyat and more.


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